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Entry #2

Half-Life UnTold Stories

2007-10-31 15:20:19 by stickfigurefan

This is my current game.
Plan on puting a good 1year into it.
Maybe more.

Its based on Half-Life 2.
Its a side scroller.
You go around kill headcrabs and other NPCs from Half-Life 2.

Get guns and more.
Currently I'm building up storylines for people to do.
Figuring out what kind of lvls to make.
And other xtra features like for example i could add a Magic spells feature =P or something.

If you want to help out go ahead and PM me or comment me on what you can help with.


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2007-10-31 15:23:52

Hey if you do want to do draw you Give me an idea of you look like

(Updated ) stickfigurefan responds:

Male-Blue eys,Dirty Blonde sorta short hair,Glasses,White Skin.Average lips,Average nose,Average ears.
That good enough?

Oh this is for that "Draw the person above you" thread, right?


2007-10-31 15:55:55

Update Oct 31 07, Happy Halloween =)))
Story line for first part of the game.
You walk up in the middle of the night, you get flash backs of aliens in your room, you look around your room ,seems normal, you go outside,everything is ok.
All of a sudden, a flash of light come from the lap on the other side of the hill, 3 miles from you house.
Green spots spawn all around the env.
Wierd air sucking like sounds occur, ground is shaking, creatures appearing.
You black out.
Wake up to a medic, and a squad of army men, fighting off unseen things.

Thats all i got for now.