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Half-Life UnTold Stories

2007-10-31 15:20:19 by stickfigurefan

This is my current game.
Plan on puting a good 1year into it.
Maybe more.

Its based on Half-Life 2.
Its a side scroller.
You go around kill headcrabs and other NPCs from Half-Life 2.

Get guns and more.
Currently I'm building up storylines for people to do.
Figuring out what kind of lvls to make.
And other xtra features like for example i could add a Magic spells feature =P or something.

If you want to help out go ahead and PM me or comment me on what you can help with.

Ion Games

2007-10-08 14:05:12 by stickfigurefan

Is a new Gaming Company that i am slowly forming.

We will do big games, and small games.

More Coming Soon.
Website Coming SomeTime.
Forum Coming Soon.